Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal

A family-owned historical hotel in the heart of Gothenburg.

Hotel Royal

Located in central Gothenburg, on Drottinggatan-Östra Larmgatan, you will find Hotel Royal – a historical, family-owned hotel. We’ve been serving guests since 1852, making Hotel Royal the oldest hotel in Gothenburg.

Whatever your needs – a charming room for a romantic weekend, a calm place to sleep during your business trip, or simply a clean hotel in the city center – Hotel Royal will assure you a comfortable stay.

Enter and experience stunning interiors dating to the end of the 19th century: a hand painted glass ceiling, beautifully patterned stone floors, and an Art Nouveau staircase with hand-forged banisters. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and house-made cakes upon your check-in, have a good night's sleep in one of our uniquely furnished rooms, and start your day well in a calming breakfast environment. At Hotel Royal, our attentive staff will ensure you have a pleasant stay in one of Gothenburg’s historical landmarks.


History aside, Hotel Royal boasts highly modernized amenities for our guests. Here you will find:

76 rooms of different styles, each uniquely furnished and equipped with AirCondition in every room

Parking is available in the Apcoa P-hus City opposite the hotel. The hotel does not have its own parking spaces, parking is subject to availability. Your license plate is read when entering and payment is made upon exit, daily price SEK 280.

Coopertation with Hagabadet Gym&Spa across the street, where you can buy a discounted voucher through the hotel. Access to the Spa is 325 SEK/pp Mon-Thu and 625SEK /pp Fri-Sun. Gym-access is 125 SEK/pp every day.

Breakfast buffet including our homemade muesli and scrambled eggs. Breakfast is open Mon-Fri 06.30-10.00 and Sat-Sun 07.30-10.30

24-hour reception.

In-house laundry facilities.

Friendly, multilingual staff.  

Safe payment with Mastercard, VISA, Amex. Valid ID is required. We do not accept cash.

Our hotel has the Green Key eco-label

You are staying at a hotel that has been awarded the international Green Key eco-label. We actively work with environmental and sustainability issues through Green Key’s comprehensive criteria.

Our actions

Examples of our actions include:

  • We use 100% renewable electricity and energy-saving lighting, and we have routines for reduced energy use.
  • We have taken initiative to reduce water consumption.
  • We sort and recycle our own and our guests’ waste.
  • We use eco-labelled laundry and cleaning products.
  • Our guests are offered organic products at breakfast.
  • We work to reduce food waste.
  • We measure our greenhouse gas emissions annually in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Do you want to help us?

We hope you want to help us reduce our environmental impact. Please:

  • Leave recyclable packaging and plastic bottles in the room so that we can recycle them for you.
  • Use your towel an extra day.
  • We will change your sheets after three nights.
  • If you are staying several nights and you do not need your room cleaned every day, please put the hanger on the door.
  • Turn off lights, turn off electronics and remove chargers from outlets.
  • Avoid throwing away food, for example by not taking more than you can eat.

About Green Key

Green Key is an international eco-label for tourism facilities and is found in over 65 countries. The label is internationally run by the Foundation for Environmental Education, which is supported by UNEP, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization. There are currently over 170 Green Key-labelled facilities in Sweden and all of them undergo regular audits to ensure the criteria are met. 

Read more at and

Book a room or read more

If you have questions or wish to book a room, we are available to assist you however we can. To read more about our rooms, history, or hotel events, our website is full of information. We hope to offer you the best experience in Gothenburg.


The Oddestad Family and staff of Hotel Royal.


The oldest hotel in Gothenburg

Hotel royal is the oldest hotel in Gothenburg, dating back almost two centuries. The first cornerstone of the stone building was laid in 1850 and two years later Sundbecks Nya Hotel För Resande (Sundbeck’s New Hotel for Travelers), which eventually changed its name to Hotel Royal, opened up. In 1980, the Oddestad family took over the hotel and it has been managed by two generations since. We take great pride in conserving the hotels historical atmosphere and have through careful restoration been able to preserve the patterned stone floors, the beautiful ceiling paintings, the stuccos, the high baseboards, the parquet and the Art Nouveau staircase with hand-forged banisters.

Here follows some interesting years and facts about the history of Hotel Royal. If you would like to know more, or share your own anecdote, you are most welcome to contact us.

Historically important years

On the site where Hotel Royal now stands was during the 16th century a so-called “casemate”. The walls of this defense building still partly holds up the staircase by the entrance from the street: unlike the rest of the building the staircase has not sunken down into the mud over the years and is therefore located a little bit higher than the other parts of the entrance.

In February 1850, the carpenter Carl-Alfred Sundbeck buys the premises for 2000 dales. During 1850-1851 he allows for a stone building to be constructed.

In January 1852, “Sundbecks Nya Hotel För Resande” opens up its doors for the first time.

In August 1857, C-A Sundbeck sells the hotel to C-G Granberg, a salesman.

C-G Granberg changes the name of the hotel to ROYAL.

Salesman Johan A. Holmdahl buys the hotel in May, 1876. During his time as an owner he makes several major changes; among them the glass ceiling in the entrance, the Art Nouveau staircase and the patterned stone floors. He is thereby considered to be one of the people who have made a significant impact on the hotel and what Royal symbolizes and represents today.

Holmdahl sells the hotel to restaurateur Olof Möller.

Director Nils Olsson buys the hotel from Möller in October 1928.

The hotel is inherited and split after Nils Olsson: giving the widow Esther Eugenia Olsson three quarters and Britt Ingegerd Olsson one quarter.

In January, Emil and Mia Palm buy the hotel.

After the death of Emil Palm in 1966, the business is transformed into a stock company and managed by Mia Palm until her death in 1979.

The hotel is taken over by the Oddestad Family, and has since been run by two generations.


We believe in...

Hotel Royal has always been an independent and family-owned hotel, and we strive to always continue to be. This gives us the opportunity to welcome each guest individually and show that it still is possible to practice attentive and personal service. Our ambition is to make every guest feel welcomed and at home while staying with us, which is why we keep what is genuine, real and personal close to our hearts.